Slimmer than a conventional wallet, the Insignia features the sober and exuberant combination of vibrant orange and richly textured carbon fibre leather.

·  RFID Shielded (protects against fraud)
·  Features 4 credit card slots
·  Engraveable stainless steel money clip securely holds notes


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Introducing the Dalvey Suit

Great suits are all about balance: between drape and fluidity, between geometric structure and naturalistic flow, between formal dignity and expressive exuberance. When developing the Dalvey range of gentlemen’s suits, two tensions were foremost in the design process: that between the classic formality of the great British suiting tradition and a slimmed-down, contemporary, dynamic aesthetic; and that between sober dignity and vigorous expression in colours, textures and detailing.     Beginning with the fabrics, we...

Accessorising The Modern Gentleman

At Dalvey we’re driven by the desire to equip discerning men with items that are expressly relevant to them. Gentlemen’s accessories are often overlooked: we aim to rectify this with a range of versatile modern classics - pieces that make a statement of exceptional design and quality.

We respect individualism, and design for indepenent-minded men who construct their own lifestyles.

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