Dalvey ties are made entirely by hand in pure silk. We use a heavier silk for a richer drape, and a high rate of picks-per-inch for a crisper, sharper, more resilient finish.




Our designs employ subtle textural variations, combining twill, satin, natte, grenadine and other weaves to create strikingly rich and densely woven patterns.  At Dalvey we love to work with texture across a wide variety of product areas: as a design medium, texture can allow for both subtlety and expression – we can create points of interest, and sustain a layered approach to design, while avoiding a gaudy finish.



Having created unique designs we initially weave them on looms fitted with multi-coloured warp and weft yarns to create “blankets”. We then pour over the blankets in an effort to decide which versions to weave, cut, fold and stitch into ties. This can be a fraught process: while only a select few designs make it through, no designer likes to part with one of their “children”.