A Dalvey Icon - Reimagined

We launched the original Dalvey Compass twenty years ago.  Curiously, the design wasn’t so much inspired by pocket watch fob cases as by our original telescopic cup case - which in turn owed many of its elements to the iconic Voyager Clock.





Since its introduction the Dalvey Compass has been popular around the world, and undergone several iterations. Over the years we’ve had the privilege of engraving thousands of compasses with beautiful (and occasionally very funny) messages. Widely regarded as a perfect symbolic gift, people have given Dalvey Compasses on significant occasions - major junctures such as graduations, weddings, or really any occasion in which the recipient is making a positive move forwards in life.


The gesture is a meaningful one. Often the inscriptions we engrave will contain injunctions to follow the right path, or to remember to draw on the support of a distant loved one.


Mindful of our customers’ appreciation of the range, we’ve been working for some time to introduce what we consider to be the finest compasses we’ve ever made. We’re now very excited to be launching what’s been dubbed, internally, “the apotheosis of the Dalvey Compass”.




Voyager Compass | Black & Orange



Drawing on design skills and manufacturing techniques developed over years of work in areas as diverse as wrist and pocket watches, cufflinks, and engineered desk accessories, we’ve combined vibrant, intricate, luxury-watch-standard dials with mirror-polished, precision-engineered stainless steel casings and liquid-filled compasses to produce an exceptional collection of unique and varied characters.



The original and classic Voyager Compass, with its unique pull-pommel catch, tactile shape, and iconic design, has been updated with five different variants:




White & Red  |  Black & Orange  |  Turquoise  |  White MOP  |  Blue MOP



A cool, classic white ground that has a rich, satin appeal, accented by the traditional red-tipped needle and subtle details at the cardinal points.


An intricately textured black dial with mirror-polished detailing in the compass rose and increments, and echoes of the striking orange needle in subtle details at the cardinal points. A stylish, masculine piece that draws on a signature Dalvey colour combination (see our Salamander Torque wristwatch, or Continental Wallet).


A vibrant, richly coloured turquoise that both recalls and electrifies classic shades such as duck-egg and verdigris in a captivating finish.


A combination of intricate texturing, iridescent white mother-of-pearl, and mirror-polished detailing in the compass rose and increments - with a lustrous blue-tipped needle and cardinal increments.


A striking blue mother-of-pearl that’s like a captured storm: vibrant, moody, tempestuous and beautiful, articulated with a naval-looking gold needle.




Grand Voyager Compass | White Mother-of-pearl & Blue



At the real pinnacle of the range are the Grand Voyagers, featuring their characteristic deep-engraved cases and half-hunter-style windowed coverings.





Dalvey Flask with Compass | Blue Mother-of-pearl & Gold


Finally, we’ve updated the Dalvey Flask with Compass - a popular style that’s an exceptional gift (often bought for grooms, best men, or ushers - an ideal wedding gift), and a pleasing combination of two of our most iconic designs.


We’re excited about this launch, and can’t wait to hear our customers’ feedback. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to let us know which styles are your favourites, or to get some advice on the range and the suitability of different styles for different occassions - at [email protected], over the phone (+44 1349 884111), or via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


All the best



The Albert Pocket Watch Chain

Our pocket watches have always been popular, and given our interest in precision engineering and men’s style, it was perhaps unsurprising that we decided to revive the “Albert”. Albert pocket watch chains were popular in the 19th century; Queen Victoria’s husband was particularly keen on them - hence the name.




Prince Albert (1819–1861),

husband and consort of Queen Victoria




The designation of what constitutes an “Albert” is fairly loose these days. Some use the term to refer to more or less any pocket watch chain, though in general, an “Albert chain” describes a typical pocket watch chain that has a “drop” - a small additional section of chain descending from the T-bar that attaches to a waistcoat (or jacket lapel). This short length of chain terminates in some kind of adornment, normally referred to as a “fob”. Historically, these were sometimes badges of affiliation of some form or other (family, military, club, or university crests), though the most common variety would probably have been purely ornamental.




Albert pocket watch chains

popular in the 19th century




“Double Alberts” have two full-length chains, meeting at the T-bar, from where the drop descends. People are often puzzled by double Alberts: what does the second chain attach to? Traditionally, one chain would attach to the watch, while the second would link to a “sovereign case” (a small case for large value coins), a case for matches, a locket, or a small smoking knife (for hacking at the residual tobacco build-up in your pipe).


Alberts look fantastic. They to add a small note of exuberant detail to an outfit, and somehow seem to communicate its completeness: you really look like you’ve got to grips with how you want to appear to the rest of civilisation when a beautifully tailored ensemble has the terminal punctuation of a small, neat, but eye-catching Albert.


Having that additional “drop” seems to accentuate the elegance of the main drape of the watch chain, as you have an immediate contrast between the gentle curve and the vertical descent. Visually tracking them is a bit like following the last gesticulations of an orchestra conductor: slow swell up before final, satisfying drop.




Dalvey Albert with Mother of Pearl fob.

Rear can be personalised by engraving.




Our Albert fobs spin in their cradles with a fluidity that’s so satisfying as to be almost precariously absorbing for the obsessive fiddler. In fact, were their status as the cherry atop the cake of dapper insufficient to persuade you of their value, consider the scope for Alberts to be pressed into service as ersatz aids to meditation, boredom-mitigation, or even smoking cessation.


All the best



Wedding Colours, Themes, Final Touches

After our last post we found ourselves in discussions around wedding themes, colours, and how best to navigate this dangerous territory. If you find yourself preparing for a wedding - or perhaps witnessing a wedding preparing itself mysteriously around you - chances are you’ll have come across the notion of wedding colours.


You may not have given the subject much thought. In fact it’s quite possible that the considerable consternation surrounding bridesmaids’ dresses managed to pass you by - or was even conflated, murkily, with other recent swatch-ridden topics, such as that of the appropriate shade for the new hallway carpet.


We put this post together in the hope of affording some conscientious men the chance to not only keep step with the chromatics of their upcoming nuptials, but to go so far as to coordinate their details, gifts, and finishing touches with the tones, hues, and shades of the day.



CHALLENGE: feign to snooze through crosstalk of colour-concerns, only to astonish your betrothed with perfectly colour-coordinated accessories and gifts for the groom’s party.





Of course weddings are an opportunity for friends and family to come together in celebration of the couple, and as such colour-coordination can help make the event more communal - stirring up tribal loyalties, and affording some pleasing photo ops. This is as true of the groom’s party as it is of the bride’s: coordinated <pocket squares, or a set of flasks, each with the respective initials of the ushers, father-of-the-bride, groom and best man, will help to forge the esprit de corps that’ll get you through the day.


When one of my childhood friends was married a couple of years ago (in the Highlands, not far from our factory), I organised flasks for the groom’s party - each engraved with a respective childhood nickname. The groom’s dutiful brother filled these with whisky so assiduously that it turned out to be a success - though was judged slightly less so the following day.



Good luck making your selections, and as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any assistance: [email protected].


All the best,



Wedding Gifts | Accessories | Final Touches

If you’ve ever been involved in organising a wedding you’ll know that it’s a task that can strain the nerves of all but the most unflappable. Lists proliferate. Colours are considered, decided upon, abandoned. Hypothetical guests shuffle between hypothetical tables in an effortful dance of determined decorum…

After the dress, venue, cake, flowers, composition of the wedding party, and dreaded table plans have all been put to their anxious beds, you probably won’t find an overabundance of time and energy to direct towards a few important details: namely the finishing touches to the groom and his party.


This is where we’re uniquely poised to help; this post has been put together with the express intention of de-stressing your preparations. Forgotten about the Father of the Bride? We can cover that. Need something that ushers will actually thank you for? We can sort you out. Want to coordinate your cufflinks and pocket squares with bridesmaids dresses? Consider it done - provided the bride can settle on a colour.




Full Hunter Pocket Watches






The Groom


Brides traditionally present their grooms with a gift prior to the big event, and many have opted for Dalvey Compasses, with their symbolic resonance of guidance afforded by a true north — or Pocket Watches, with their implicit allusion to standing the test of time. Both are ideally suited to being personalised with a special message, and a good proportion of the pocket watches and compasses we engrave in our factory leave the building with an enduring and carefully considered sentiment.



Grand Voyager Compass   |   Compact Flask  |   Pocket Watch & Albert


It’s probably safe to say that a groom will want to look his best on the big day, and no doubt a suit’s been arranged, but accessories are often overlooked until the eleventh hour. For mnemonic simplicity I recommend scanning from the feet up. Socks? Belt? Handkerchief? Cufflinks? Pocket square? Tie? Sunglasses?





Best Man


He’s given you alcohol poisoning and some blackmail-worthy photographs of a person resembling yourself on the Stag Night. He’s about to roast you in a speech delivered to your closest friends and family members. Why wouldn’t you want to get him something special?


Really, your Best Man will be backing you up and helping you throughout the day. He’ll be commanding the ushers/groomsmen, and doing his best to tackle the last-minute logistical mishaps that are bound to arise. It’s a privileged position, and one that most guys take pretty seriously. It’s also a position befitting an appropriate level of gratitude from the groom. A wrist watch makes an ideal Best Man’s gift: at once making him think twice about the rudest passages in his speech, and assisting in his efforts to keep everything running on time.



Torque Money Clip   |   Pocket Square  |   Torque Wrist Watch





Ushers / Groomsmen


Your retinue of assistants will be invaluable in shepherding the crowd. They’re the guys who will, perhaps forcibly, urge Uncle Fred to discontinue the diatribe he’s delivering to an unsuspecting fellow guest and move towards his table in time for the speeches.


To guarantee an indomitable esprit de corps, I recommend a Dalvey flask for each - engraved with their respective initials. A badge of honour, a recognition of their efforts, an emergency tonic in times of heightened stress or boredom. There’s also nothing quite like the bonding experience of huddling around a tremulous bottle of Single Malt while each man loads his flask - preparing for any eventuality.



Torque Cufflinks   |   Classic Flask  |   Card Case & Money Clip


Other ideas sure to be appreciated are money clips, card-holder-money-clips, cufflinks, or pocket watches (the open face style works well for ushers). Whatever you go for, try to pick something that’ll endure, and ideally something that can be engraved with respective initials, or the date of the big day.





The Father of The Bride


Easy to forget though not to be forgotten under any circumstances, the Father of the Bride needs to be kept on-side. He’s giving you your bride - it only seems fair to give him something he’ll appreciate. My own recommendations are: a Skeletal Pocket Watch with Stand, an impressive pair of cufflinks, or a Classic Flask.



Voyager Clock   |   Skeletal Pocket Watch  |   Desk Globe


I hope the above proves helpful! If you’re in doubt, re-thinking your colours, or descending into the murky depths of panic, give us a call on +44 1349 884 111, or write to us at [email protected]. We’ll do our best to set you right.


All the best,


Find the Perfect Valentine's Gift for Him

Men’s gifts can be notoriously tricky to get right, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Too much? Too little? Right style? Personal enough? Too personal? We thought we’d help you out with a few suggestions and guidelines…



Small and simple


For a small but thoughtful gift that’ll be used frequently, consider a money clip. You can have it engraved with a name, initials, or a message, and don’t need to worry too much about whether or not it’ll suit his personal style. If you’re pretty confident that you know what’ll go with his outfits, consider a card-holder-money-clip: this can also be engraved and is sure to be appreciated if he could do with slimming down his wallet.



Torque Money Clip  |  Continental Wallet  |  Voyager Money Clip  |  Insignia Wallet


Apparel accessories like socks and ties work too, though a pocket square’s particularly good: bright, graphic, and supremely fun. Take note of the colours he favours and see if you could add an exciting accent to one of his favourite ensembles.




Something special


If he likes the outdoors, sporting events, and a good single malt whisky, you can’t go wrong with an iconic Dalvey flask: the ideal gift for the modern gentleman. Perfect for engraving a personal message, it’s a great gift as it’s something to be used on fun occasions: weddings, matches, assorted adventures!



Classic Flask  |  Compact Flask


Shaving articles have the advantage of being used every day. We’ve tried to ensure that our shaving collection helps to elevate a quotidian activity into something enjoyable – why not start the day feeling good as you prepare to face the world? For smaller gestures our Artisan razors are great; for something more substantial, go with a shaving set, complete with razor, brush and stand.



Artisan Razors  |  Classic Shaving Set



Something really special


If you’re feeling especially appreciative of the man in your life, consider a beautiful timepiece. Our latest collection of wrist watches is bold, masculine and stylish, combining classic gentlemen’s style with design-led contemporary detailing. If you’re confident in getting the style right the gift will be hugely appreciated – any doubts, get in touch with us at [email protected], or

+44 1349 884 111: we’ll be delighted to try to take some of the angst away!



Nocturna  |  Voyager SalamanderCaelus


Good luck, and all the best,


12 Unique Christmas Gifts

With Christmas almost upon us we thought we’d put together a selection of twelve of our most popular gift ideas.  We’ve tried to make selections from different price areas to cover every gift-giving requirement; many of the items can be personalised with engraving, and each comes in beautiful presentation packaging.  If you’d like to explore other concepts, try using our handy Christmas Gift Selector.  We hope it helps you to find the perfect Christmas gift for any discerning man.

With best wishes for Christmas and the coming New Year,



With Valentine’s Day coming up we thought we’d focus on personalisation: a feature of many of our products from across the range.

We love working with mirror-polished stainless steel.  It’s a hard material, and difficult to work with, but you can get a uniquely sharp, crisp, engineered finish and a durable mirror-polish that makes it ideally suited to men’s accessories.  Another great feature of stainless steel is that it can be engraved: perfect for personalising a gift – even one you plan to give to yourself!

Some of our customers ask for initials, others for personal messages: depending on the engraveable surface area of the product, there can be room for up to 40 characters – not quite a tweet, but enough for a personal expression!  We can even do graphics: if you’re interested in having a unique graphic design engraved on something, just write to us at [email protected]dalvey.com.  The team are always happy to help.

We engrave everything in-house, using laser-engraving technology and a set of jigs that we’ve hand-built and accumulated over the years.  The technology’s quite impressive when you watch it in action – as you can see in this video, made by our senior engraver:

In specialising in design-led men’s accessories we’ve always had customers who tell us that we’re really useful when it comes to gift-giving occasions.  It’s true that finding a great gift for a discerning man isn’t always easy, but it’s something that we hope we can really help you with.  Our new site has a comprehensive gift-finder built-in: one of the sections of which focuses purely on personalisation: personalised-gifts.  Besides this tool, we’re always happy to hear from you, and to offer our suggestions if you’re really struggling to find the perfect thing for someone who’s not easy to buy for – just write to our Mail Order team at the above email address, or call us on +44 (0)1349 884 111.

The art of giving great

Carbon Fibre Business Card Case

For initials to be engraved on items that are used every day, some of the best products in our range are Credit Card Money-clip or “CMCs”; our understated but elegant Cufflinks; and our engineered Business Card Cases.  For longer messages, the perfect gifts can be found in our iconic flask collection.  There are plenty of options though – check out the personalised-gifts section of the site to have a look for yourself, and as I say, be sure to write or call if you’re looking for advice or have any questions.

All the best, Neil

Neil Grant Director

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