As unmistakable gentlemen’s accessories, cufflinks are a central category in the Dalvey range. Our cufflinks are meticulously engineered and finished in mirror-polished stainless steel: this gives them a uniquely crisp, clean accuracy.


Many designs incorporate mother-of-pearl or semi-precious stones, cut, set and polished. Another appealing feature is “guilloché” detailing: guilloché is a process of forming fine patterns on metalwork, which are then carefully enamelled.


Cufflinks can be a powerful accent, and they should be given their own design latitude rather than simply being referential badges.  We design cufflinks to be unique modern classics that use materials, geometry, engineering and finish as their points of reference.


Dalvey Snap Cufflinks combine precision-engineering, dual-facing adornment and satisfying convenience.  Their inspiration was drawn from a form popular in the early 1900s, but rarely seen since the ’30s.  Each half of the cufflink should be inserted into one side of the folded double cuff. They can then be pressed together to close the cuff with a satisfying ‘snap’. When snapped apart they will stay on the shirt, allowing double cuff shirt sleeves to be opened and closed quickly and easily.