Gentlemens Fragrance Aether 75ml Stainless Bottle - Dalvey


75Ml Stainless Steel Flask

Æther is light and cool, lending definition to the wearer’s style: an unobtrusive fragrance designed to complement and sharpen – not to overwhelm.  Lemon and citrus add zest and clarity, with Italian neroli, cypress and jasmine providing a subtle depth.  These awakening notes are grounded in soothing blends of white musk and amber, mellowing the tang to leave a fragrance that’s crisp, light, and versatile.

This fragrance comes in a compact Dalvey flask made from Stainless Steel.

Made from natural oils.

HEAD: Italian Lemon, French Citrus oils, Lavender.

HEART: Paraguayan Petitgrain, Italian, Neroli, Cypress, Ozone, Jasmine.

BASE: Amber, White Musk.

75ml in an enduring, and engraveable stainless steel bottle, modelled on the iconic Dalvey flask.

PLEASE NOTE: This product cannot be shipped outwith the UK.

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