The iconic Dalvey Flask sits at the heart of our range.  Three decades ago the flask initiated our transition from a musical instrument manufactory to the design-led men’s accessories brand that we are today.  Still manufactured to the same design, today’s Dalvey Flasks incorporate deep-engraved badges to give unparalleled richness and clarity.


Engineered in mirror-polished stainless steel, the Dalvey Flask is the ultimate hip-flask, recognised and enjoyed around the world.  The masculine, almost industrial detail of the knurling on the threaded lid, the undulation of the neck, the satisfying convexity of its curves…  These are things that continue to inspire our design team - all of whom have their own flask (the contents of which may vary).



Today there are several designs in the Flask range: from a unique design incorporating an ingenious telescopic cup in the reverse, to the pared-down, ultra-simple, badgeless Compact Flask – adorned with subtle but powerful deep-engraved branding that follows the curve of the flask itself.  All styles can be personalised with engraving: whether a simple line of initials on the badge, or a complex graphic design on the rear.