From the original Voyager Clock, developed over twenty-five years ago, Dalvey has continued to be innovative in the design of unique timepieces: whether desk or travel clocks, wrist or pocket watches.





Dalvey wristwatches combine high-performance functionality with unique, elegant and masculine design.


The Dalvey wristwatch range incorporates a variety of styles in order to better suit the specific requirements of individuals and occasions of wear: some are slim and discreet, others are more assertive; some have been designed with clean simplicity in mind, others showcase complex technical functionality.  All of our timepieces share a characteristic attention to detail in engineering, with precision-forged cases and delicately textured finishing to the face designs.




Our approach to watch design is led by a consideration of the means in which each piece should augment the user’s personal style.  This means that the movement, casing, face and strap all follow from a consistent concept of end use.  For those who appreciate masterfully precise mechanics there are watches that incorporate automatic mechanical movements with varying degrees of functional complexity.  For slim, clean simplicity we have used Swiss and Japanese quartz movements housed in slender casings.


The ideal gentleman’s accessories, we design pocket watches to have a unique point of difference: whether in a skeletal exposure of intricate mechanical movements, or in richly textured, meticulously detailed faces.


The full hunter fob case was developed for use on horseback, when the face needed to be protected. Half-hunter cases feature a glazed window through which the time can be read without fully opening the watch.


The Grand Sedan Clocks were inspired by the distinctive, circular, flat pendant clocks used in 18th century sedan chairs throughout European cities.

The current range includes chic white, refined black and a rich opalescent blue in luxurious watch-standard faces: textured, and adorned with finely crafted details.


The Cavesson Clock is impressive on a desk and folds away within its leather case for travelling.  Reimagining a classic Dalvey design, we’ve launched the Cavesson in three original colourways, each incorporating luxury-watch-standard faces, a sculpted, streamlined casing, and contemporary leathers.

Elegant, compact and exuberant, the Clipper Clocks are as well suited to travel as they are to adorning a desk or bedside table; their four vibrant colourways each have a unique and markedly differentiated character.