About Dalvey

Dalvey is a design-led men’s gift, accessories, and apparel brand. Founded in 1897 and based in the Highlands of Scotland, we export to over 50 countries worldwide.

We actively work with quality retailers and distribution partners in the UK and abroad. Given the breadth of the Dalvey range, our sales team is experienced in tailoring packages for specific retail environments, and can contribute years of market-relevant experience.

We are the pre-eminent men’s gift and accessories brand. The core Dalvey accessories range is well suited to a variety of retail environments: we’re present in quality jewellers, department stores, menswear specialists, luxury writing instrument boutiques, tobacconists, “select shops”, catalogues and specialty stores. We are very well suited to corporate requirements.

While we work with many exceptional retailers in the UK, we have always had a strong emphasis on export: our biggest single export market is Italy, and the range has proved successful in countries across the world.


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