Pick Your Carry

We’ve put together three “EDCs”, or everyday carries - three combinations of discerning men’s accessories that each takes a unique stylistic direction.

In the first we’ve combined the richly textured, fluid hopsack weave of our
striking plum jacket - accented with pink and black overchecks - with classic
accessories for a bold and elegant statement.



Pocket Square Pindot   |   Full Hunter, Black M of Pearl  |   Tie Pindot Sakura



Bullet Keyring, Black  |   Bastion Cufflinks, Purple   |   Nocturna Money Clip



Professional EDC: Men's Accessories


In the second, we assembled a cool, crisp, professional look, with a Cracked Ice Fountain Pen, Mother of Pearl Torque Cufflinks, and fresh-looking blue silks
in combination with a sober charcoal hopsack.





 Billfold Wallet, Natte  |   Roadster Wrist Watch   |   Pocket Square Pindot


Classic Business Card Case   |   Fountain Pen, Cracked Ice   |   Torque Cufflinks




The final assemblage has a more rugged, casual feel: evocative of the traveller.
Brown tones are accented with the sunny orange of the Slim Wallet in woven
silk and black Caviar leather.



 Metro Keyring, Brown  |   Clipper Clock, White   |   Aviator Sunglasses, Green



Compact Flask   |   Signature Continental Watch   |   Billfold Wallet, Madder



Assembling an EDC can be a pleasurable way of determining what you
actually need to carry, and what can be dispensed with.  It allows you to
perform a kind of stylistic audit on your gear, and it’s fun to see the personality
emerging from the combination of items.  If you have any great EDC shots
we’d love to see them!  Send to customercare@dalvey.com, or
post on our Facebook page.

All the best,