Our shirts are crafted from exceptional fabrics – cut and tailored to create sculpted silhouettes and finished with meticulous detailing.


We don’t compromise when it comes to shirts, and we’re confident that if you’ve tried a Dalvey shirt you’ll rely on us to provide this wardrobe staple – so confident in fact that we’re offering new shirt customers an introductory discount on their first shirt.

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Our shirt range is characterised by subtlety.  Our fabrics are developed to be elegant and versatile – striking but understated.


We use superfine Giza and Pima long-staple cottons.  Their elongated fibres can be spun into yarns that are strong but fine, and are the basis of the luxurious ‘handle’, or feel, of the fabrics.  We use two-fold yarns in a wide variety of weaves.  A two-fold construction involves spinning together two yarn threads to create a stronger, richer basis for the fabric.  Weaves vary according to the requirements of the design, and can be anything from rich dobbies, such as twill and herringbone textures, to silky poplins.




Our shirt customers often tell us how much they love our fits.  It took a long time to craft them, but we were determined to create fits that would be perfect for the majority of men – rather than being mediocre for everybody.


Our Slim Fit “block” has relatively broad shoulders but tapers dramatically at the waist to create a sculpted silhouette.  Our arms are close-fitting to avoid the “wings” that appear with too much extraneous fabric.  The Classic Fit was created by starting with a traditional Jermyn Street block and removing excess fabric to create a more tailored look.


The hems on both fits are sculpted to be shorter at the sides than at the apron and tail in order to minimise the fabric that’s tucked into trousers.  Darts at the rear contribute to the tailored shape, while split yokes ensure maximum flexibility across the shoulders.



Single-Needle Tailoring
Our shirts are constructed using a single-needle stitch technique. Single-needle tailoring creates beautiful seams: this time-consuming process is usually omitted in modern garments, but is the hallmark of a more elegant shirt.

Reinforced Gussets
Reinforced gusset details at the sides of the hems lend strength to the areas subject to the most strain during wear. Stiffeners add substance to the collar, and can be removed for less strain during laundry.

Fabric Alignment
We carefully align stripes and checks along split yokes and gauntlets for a seamless continuation of patterns.

Collar & Cuffs
Our collars and cuffs have a unique blend of half-fused German interlinings, creating perfectly smooth exteriors while retaining a supple, wearable feel, and a finish that remains consistent after laundering.

Split Yoke
Split yokes ensure that fabric is aligned to maximise its flex; they also create a pleasing chevron effect on striped and checked fabrics.

Sculpted Hems
Sculpted hems are shorter at the sides than at the apron and tail in order to minimise the fabric that’s tucked into trousers.