We developed the Dalvey Shaving Range to transform an everyday activity into a satisfying experience.  The range combines precision-engineered stainless steel, deep-engraving, hand-cast resins, badger hair, and a blend of classic and contemporary design.


We wanted to create razors that would inject some exuberance into the daily shave: the Artisan Razors incorporate visually stunning and individually unique resins, and beautifully finished stainless steel detailing.  Each design takes the popular and ubiquitous Mach 3 blade, and comes in beautiful packaging specific to each style.



Our brushes use badger hair for its unique exfoliating properties, high capacity water retention, and ability to rapidly work up an impressive lather.  There are various grades of badger hair used in brushes, the finest being silvertip: taken from the nape of the badger’s neck.


The Dalvey razors are elegantly contoured to provide the ideal shaving grip.  All take the universally available Mach3 blade, providing a close and comfortable shave.



The Dalvey range of gentlemen’s fragrances has been developed with oils derived from natural ingredients to achieve four distinct characters.  Though consistently masculine, each fragrance is very distinctive: for some, a single one of these scents will become their signature; others will take advantage of the breadth of the range - wearing each fragrance to suit the occasion.

Vitae encapsulates the wild, rugged and mountainous landscapes of the home of Dalvey in the Highlands of Scotland.  Fresh and haunting, the fragrance opens with bergamot, expanding with jasmine, Pine of Siberia and hint of cloves; the scent is finished with Madagascan vanilla and light, fresh patchouli.

Nocturna is complex and luxurious: dark, rich, and mercurial.  Opening to invigorate, the fragrance mixes peppers with sweet Italian mandarin.  In a sensual cocktail of leather, Guatemalan spice and sweet, fragrant jasmine, a rich, voluptuous depth ensues.  A velvet mix of amber, fragrant Caribbean vetiver and African vanilla complete the long, indulgent evolution of this complicated scent.

Decuria is a classic scent, inspired by the original early 18th Century “Eau de Cologne”.  It has an uplifting, woody musk, combining Italian mandarin, classic bergamot, cedar, sandalwood, and palmarosa (a variety of lemon grass); Sri Lankan cinnamon adds a hint of spice.  It’s a contemporary treatment of a fragrance that’s been well regarded for almost three hundred years.

Aether is light and cool, lending definition to the wearer’s style: an unobtrusive fragrance designed to complement and sharpen – not to overwhelm.  Lemon and citrus add zest and clarity, with Italian neroli, cyrpus and jasmine providing a subtle depth.  These awakening notes are grounded in soothing blends of white musk and amber, mellowing the tang to leave a fragrance that’s crisp, light and versatile.