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Accessorising The Modern Gentleman

At Dalvey we’re driven by the desire to equip discerning men with items that are expressly relevant to them. Gentlemen’s accessories are often overlooked: we aim to rectify this with a range of versatile modern classics - pieces that make a statement of exceptional design and quality.

We respect individualism, and design for indepenent-minded men who construct their own lifestyles.

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Clipper Clocks

Since the launch of the original Dalvey Voyager – almost thirty years ago – clocks have always been an important part of the Dalvey range.  Every season we like to introduce something new in this area; for A|W ’15 it’s been the launch of the Clipper Clocks.  Over the last couple of years our two most popular styles have been the Voyager and the Sedan – both of which are ornamental, and to some extent quite mature.  We wanted to introduce a range that would be exuberant and light, and that would combine together to make a really...

A masculine, elegant and contemporary reimagining of a Dalvey classic, this business card case combines dramatically textured carbon fibre leather with a striking orange interior and features concealed magnetic closure strips.

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