The Flip Wallet is both a compact card case and a portable enigma: the seemingly inexplicable way in which it appears to alternate its spine gives the sense of it being either magnetic or magical. A banknote can be placed on top of the crossed bands, and when the wallet’s orientation is flipped, is miraculously held in place.

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Welcome to our new site, and to the first post to appear on its accompanying blog. We’ve been excited about the launch of this site for a while now, and thought we’d take the opportunity to write something of an introduction to Dalvey – both for those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand and for those of you who’d like to know a little more about our heritage and evolution. We’re a design-led brand specialising in men’s accessories, apparel, and exceptional gifts.  We’re based in the Highlands of Scotland, and love being...

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Accessorising The Modern Gentleman

At Dalvey we’re driven by the desire to equip discerning men with items that are expressly relevant to them. Gentlemen’s accessories are often overlooked: we aim to rectify this with a range of versatile modern classics - pieces that make a statement of exceptional design and quality.

We respect individualism, and design for indepenent-minded men who construct their own lifestyles.

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