One of the most exciting and eye-catching launches of this season has been our new printed leather wallets and card-holders.  We worked for a long time to achieve the right printing technique, which gives these products a really striking vibrancy.

We chose these three print designs from what turned out to be a pretty huge cast – when we started conceptualising for the project we found it hard to stop coming up with ideas.  As often happens, there were some difficult sessions in the design department during which we had to say goodbye to some of our “children”.

The “Madder” style is based on the type of geometric-floral prints that characterised the Macclesfield silk industry.  Madder is the name of a plant, and of the dye derived from that plant, which was frequently used in such silk prints.  We’ve worked with this kind of design on some of our woven ties and on one of our printed pocket squares: it’s satisfying to try to create a pattern that somehow gives the impression of exacting judgement, and well-balanced visual weight.

madder02-l_circle Rubia tinctorum L. from A Modern Herbal

The small paisley is an example of a pattern style that we work hard to create: something that seems to “pop” – something that has an almost cell-like, 3D quality, derived from the sharp contrast between the ground and the interior colour.

The geometric red and black style also has shades of visual trickery: when you look at it for a while it seems to describe a three-dimensional structure that has a kind of M.C. Escher feel about it…

There’s a richness to these prints that seemed to suggest their combination with our signature Caviar leather.  The Caviar always looks elegant: it has a granulated uniformity that just seems perfect for gentlemen’s accessories.

printed_leater_wallets Erskine Gilmour and Lamont Wallets

I think part of what made us so excited about this project was the fact that it involved the employment of a technique that we love: namely, the supercharging of a sober, refined exterior with interior vibrancy.  These pocket square or interior jacket lining.  It’s a frequent component of our approach to design, and an articulation of a philosophy of combining understated elegance with flashes and details of exuberance, fun, and joy.

I hope you’re as keen on this season’s leather range as we are.

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