After our last post we found ourselves in discussions around wedding themes, colours, and how best to navigate this dangerous territory. If you find yourself preparing for a wedding - or perhaps witnessing a wedding preparing itself mysteriously around you - chances are you’ll have come across the notion of wedding colours.


You may not have given the subject much thought. In fact it’s quite possible that the considerable consternation surrounding bridesmaids’ dresses managed to pass you by - or was even conflated, murkily, with other recent swatch-ridden topics, such as that of the appropriate shade for the new hallway carpet.


We put this post together in the hope of affording some conscientious men the chance to not only keep step with the chromatics of their upcoming nuptials, but to go so far as to coordinate their details, gifts, and finishing touches with the tones, hues, and shades of the day.



CHALLENGE: feign to snooze through crosstalk of colour-concerns, only to astonish your betrothed with perfectly colour-coordinated accessories and gifts for the groom’s party.





Of course weddings are an opportunity for friends and family to come together in celebration of the couple, and as such colour-coordination can help make the event more communal - stirring up tribal loyalties, and affording some pleasing photo ops. This is as true of the groom’s party as it is of the bride’s: coordinated pocket squares, or a set of flasks, each with the respective initials of the ushers, father-of-the-bride, groom and best man, will help to forge the esprit de corps that’ll get you through the day.


When one of my childhood friends was married a couple of years ago (in the Highlands, not far from our factory), I organised flasks for the groom’s party - each engraved with a respective childhood nickname. The groom’s dutiful brother filled these with whisky so assiduously that it turned out to be a success - though was judged slightly less so the following day.



Good luck making your selections, and as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any assistance:


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