Accessorising the Modern Gentleman


At Dalvey we’re driven by the desire to equip discerning men with items that are expressly relevant to them.  Gentlemen’s accessories are often overlooked: we aim to rectify this with a range of versatile modern classics - pieces that make a statement of exceptional design and quality.


We respect individualism, and design for independent-minded men who construct their own lifestyles.



Discerning men are used to considering their outfits with care; we believe the same consideration should be extended to accessories.  Whether an iconic Dalvey flask, an exceptional wrist or pocket watch, or a pair of uniquely designed cufflinks, we know that you’ll appreciate and come to rely upon your Dalvey essentials.



Over decades of innovation we’ve developed an obsession with styling the modern gentleman. Our shirts, jackets, suits and other apparel have been crafted with characteristic attention to detail, and informed by the same design philosophy that lies at the heart of everything we do.