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Dalveyの代表的なキャビアレザー、鏡面加工、深い刻印の入ったステンレススチールが組み合わされた懐中時計用ポケットキーリングで、さまざまなの種類の貴石から選べます。   白蝶貝:パールの母貝から採取され、印象的な光彩を放ちます。   ラピスラズリ:ツタンカーメンのマスクに使用されたこ... 続きを読む

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納税済み 追跡サービス付速達配送 ¥1400.

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    サイズ:長さ85 x 幅31mm

  • 配達
      日本 英国 欧州連合 世界のその他の地域
    標準 ¥700
    (2-3 営業日)
    (3-6 営業日)
    (5-15 営業日)
    表現する ¥1400
    (1-6 営業日)
    (1-2 営業日)
    (1-3 営業日)
    (1-6 営業日)
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After receiving my latest order of Dalvey goods, I just wanted to say how impressed and happy I am with everything. The quality of the products, their finish and their overall design and attention to detail are second to none. The packaging and boxing of the goods are fantastic as well, and are pieces of work in their own right. I have always had a good experience with the website and delivery, and am very impressed with the fact that the goods arrive to me in Australia in such quick time, usually a week or less. Dalvey makes wonderful, beautiful products and it is a pleasure to search the website and receive orders. Thank you again for everything, I look forward to purchasing many more of your fantastic goods in the future, and much success and wonderful things to the company and everyone who works there.
M. Mannucci, Jul 2017

Leather varies greatly according to the processes used in its formation and application, but at its best it can be uniquely tactile and protective. We use top-grain leather with our signature Caviar texture, which gives it a rich, dignified sheen and a granulated uniformity that makes it ideal for use in men’s accessories. We also use soft pigskin for linings, vibrantly coloured leathers for internal contrasts, and our contemporary, masculine carbon fibre.